Everything about Not Unworthy

We give you a voice. No matter what.

The story behind Not Unworthy.

At Not Unworthy, we feel like the discussion about mental health is just beginning. Right now, it’s a door barely opened that we need to push wide open. We strongly believe that even though there’s a breach, it’s still very stigmatized to open up or even talk about mental health and mental illness.

But more than that, even when the discussion is open, we feel like it mostly revolves around recovery, positivity, and doing better. Don’t get us wrong, there’s absolutely no discussion: Building a positive mindset is essential. We strongly vouch for it. But still, we were feeling that something was missing.

That’s why we created Not Unworthy. It focuses on the darker side of mental health and mental illness. When it’s not going well. When you really struggle and you experience the other side of the spectrum of emotions. When the weight of “having to” feel better is becoming too heavy.

We believe that no matter what you’re going through, you deserve to be heard. Even when it’s super bad. No matter how hard we want to believe otherwise, stronger and “darker” feelings WILL exist. And with the existing stigma, talking about them can be insanely hard. With Not Unworthy, we basically want to say:

“We know what it’s like to feel empty, to feel depressed, or (/and!) to have sleepless nights because of anxiety. We know what it feels like to fight against hopelessness and contemplate suicide. We understand how you feel, and want to talk about it without filter, and without the fear of being judged. That’s why we give you a voice, when no one else will. Because you deserve to be heard.”

At the end of the day, no matter what emotion, we need to acknowledge them, accept them, and process them. And what better way to do it than giving our support and actually listening.

The faces of Not Unworthy.

We (Clément and Jessie) created Not Unworthy with one dream in mind: giving people who struggle with their mental health their voice back. We use our own struggles with mental health as a starting point for a discussion that is still very stigmatized.

Since forever ago, I’ve always been the kind of person to keep everything inside. Sharing my feelings was never an option. This was until I met Jessie, and realized that the wall I built up for years was keeping me apart. Since then, I made a breach. Now I share what’s inside and it feels good. I’m still in the process of tearing that wall down but I’ll get there, eventually.

- Clément

I’ve struggled with my mental health basically my entire life. Cyclothymia, PTSD, GAD, depression, you name it. But I’ve always felt that being ignored was the worst. Today, I’m finally at a point in my life where things are getting better, and more stable (most of the time!). Not in a million years I thought it could have happened to me, but it did.

- Jessie

What is Not Unworthy?

Not Unworthy is an alternative clothing brand that spreads mental awareness without filter, and without the fear of being judged.

At Not Unworthy, we know that mental illness can bring you to really dark places. It drags you to the bottom and keeps crushing you down every time you try to get up. And the hardest part in all that: finding someone who’s ready to listen to what you’re going through, especially the dark stuff.

This is why we help you get your message across through alternative clothing, and get your thoughts out of your head, literally. We believe that you are valid, and deserve to be heard even when you’re dark.

But most importantly, we believe that you are Not Unworthy.

Why Not Unworthy?

Unworthy is the dark thoughts that cluster our minds everyday. Whether it’s our work, our relationships, or many other aspects of our lives, we all come to face dark thoughts, no matter what we do.

But for some of us struggling with mental health, finding someone to share our thoughts can be tough. This is why Not Unworthy is here. We are the NOT that you have to remind yourself everyday. The little note that someone wrote to remind you that, even though they do exist, you are not define by your darkest thoughts.

We are here to remind you that, no matter what, you are Not Unworthy.

We give back.

With every purchase at Not Unworthy, we donate a portion of profits to nonprofit organizations that spread mental health awareness, and offer resources to the people in need.

That’s why, when shopping alternative clothing at Not Unworthy, you advocate for yourself, but you also support the community and help spreading mental health awareness.

We donate the funds to two nonprofit organizations, renowned for their major and positive impact in the fight for mental health awareness:

The Jed Foundation

The Jed Foundation’s mission is to protect emotional health and prevent suicide for teens and young adults in the United States.

Besides, you can find valuable resources if you are struggling, helping a friend or a family member.


The Canadian Mental Health Association provide resources and programs to combat mental health issues and support recovery.

After 100 years of service, the CMHA continues to be one of the biggest mental health advocate in Canada.

There is one last thing.

Write it on a note, keep it on yourself, read it every time you need it, make sure you always remember, no matter how dark your world seem to be:
You are Not Unworthy