My Anxiety Keeps Me Awake – Hoodie


Night always comes with many friends. Doubts, questioning, and anxiety. It’s easy to spend hours laying on your back, looking at the ceilling while your chest is pounding. In fact, anxiety will keep growing, and bloom into an extremely unpleasant feeling. But you don’t have to carry the weight alone. Even if your struggling with anxiety, your voice matters and you deserve to share your story.

At Not Unworthy, we want to make things as stress free as possible. That’s why our Anxiety hoodie comes with FREE shipping. That’s one less thing to worry about.

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The Anxiety Hoodie Story

Our anxiety hoodie shows how hard it can be to struggle with anxiety. When the night comes, demons come crawling from the back of our mind. You start questioning everything you’ve accomplish. As a matter of fact, you believe that you didn’t even accomplish anything. Demons from the past are coming back to life. The anxiety keeps growing until it feels completely overwhelming.

Why the Anxiety hoodie?

This hoodie uses flowers with eyes (creepy) and bright colors to share your story. Because we think that anxiety can keeps growing, and bloom into something extremely unpleasant. Keeping you awake at night. Our hoodie is our way to tell you that we understand what you’re going through. You are definitely not alone. We believe that your anxiety doesn’t define you. Even if it brings you to scary places, we believe that you are not unworthy of love, friendship, and happiness.

Hoodie Characteristics:

This premium hoodie has an extremely soft touch and a fit cut. It will keep you warm during cold days, and can be used as a safe space.

Instruction on how to use this hoodie when anxiety feels too overwhelming:

  • Put the hoodie on
  • Don’t put your arms in the sleeves
  • Bring your knees to your face
  • Hug your legs
  • Count to 10 and focus on your breathing

Actual resources for anxiety:
Fortunately enough, there’s a huge number of anxiety resources online. You can find below a few links that could help you:

Anxiety Canada: Learn more about anxiety and your options
Anxiety and Depression Association of America: Understand the facts and find help

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