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Our Not Unworthy original hoodie relates your struggle with mental. It shows that, no matter what you’re going through, you are not giving up. At Not Unworthy, we know exactly how it feels to struggle with mental health. This hoodie is our way to tell you that it’s OK to not be OK. In fact, your voice still matters, even when you’re not OK.

You’re probably going through a lot right now. That’s why our sweatshirt comes with FREE shipping. That’s one thing you don’t have to think about.

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What’s Not Unworthy?

Our Not Unworthy Original hoodie relates the story of each and everyone of us struggling with mental health. The Unworthy part represents all the dark, bad, and negative thoughts. And no matter how hard we try otherwise, these thoughts will always exist. The Not part is a handwritten note. Something you constantly have to remind yourself. Because it’s easy to believe that we are unworthy. But it takes some effort to remind ourselves that most of the time, these are just lies we came to believe.

The not(e) is a message of hope from people that believe in you, yourself included. It’s what you do to counter the dark thoughts. Your Not is your coping mechanisms, like your friends, therapy, exercise, or anything in between. It’s a way to advocate for yourself, because like us, you believe that no matter how much you’re struggling, you deserve to have a voice.

Why the Not Unworthy Original hoodie?

Similar to the Not Unworthy Original sweatshirt and t-shirt, this hoodie carry a powerful message about mental health. It shows that, even if sometimes it’s hard to believe, you are not unworthy of love, happiness, and success. That you deserve to be heard, even if things get harder. It’s a constant reminder that you are not alone, and you don’t have to carry everything yourself.

Hoodie Characteristics:

With a soft touch and a fit cut, this premium hoodie will keep you warm and stylish at all time. In addition, the front pouch pocket is perfect to keep anything easily accesible and warm, hands included.

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