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Our Not Unworthy Original sweatshirt is a warm and constant reminder that, no matter what, you are not unworthy of love, friendship, and happiness. This sweatshirt is a powerful way to spread mental health awareness, and share your story. In fact, it’s a way to tell the world that you are not defined by your dark thoughts, and that your voice matters. It’s also a beautiful way to tell someone you love that they matter, and that you are here for them.

We know that you have a lot going through your mind. All the time. That’s why our Not Unworthy Original sweatshirt comes with FREE shipping. So you can focus on what really matters: yourself.

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What does the Not Unworthy Original sweatshirt represent?

Our Not Unworthy Original sweatshirt tells the story of your struggle with mental health. On one side, with strong and bold letters, unworthy is the reflection of the bad thoughts that cluster your mind everyday. This is the cloud constantly hovering over your head, telling you millions of lies. These thoughts can be extremely overwhelming when struggling with mental health, to the point that you’re bound to believe them.

On the other side, the “not” is a handwritten note. It’s you telling yourself that your dark thoughts don’t define you. That even if you’re struggling with your mental health, you will keep fighting. This note is your hope. It’s your constant reminder that no matter what, you are Not Unworthy

Why the Not Unworthy Original sweatshirt?

This sweatshirt is our way to tell you that your feelings are okay. All of them. No matter how good or bad they are. More than that, it’s a way to keep you warm when your world is getting cold. It’s a constant reminder that you deserve to tell your story. Our sweatshirt tells the world that: yes, you are struggling, but you will not give up.

Sweatshirt Characteristics:

A sturdy and warm sweatshirt with a classic fit. It has a soft and smooth cotton feel on the inside, and a thick feel on the outside. It’s perfect for the cold days, staying at home on a low energy day, or just to wear something you want to be comfortable in.

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