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There’s no discussion to have: building a positive mindset is essential. But like everything in life, an excessive positivity can become toxic, and have a disastrous impact on the way we express our feelings. Our Toxic Positivity sweatshirt shows how positivity can easily cover up, belittle, or even repress certain emotions. Because no matter how hard we want to believe it, “Good Vibes Only” is a myth and leaves no place to a geniune human experience.

Sometimes, there are way too many things to manage. That’s why our Toxic Positivity sweatshirt comes with FREE shipping. So the price you see is the price you pay. That’s one less thing you have to think about.

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What’s toxic positivity?

Our toxic positivity sweatshirt represents the danger of toxic positivity. But what is it? The pshychology group define toxic positivity as the overgeneralization of a happy, optimistic state, that result in the denial, minimization and invalidation of the authentic human emotional experience. In other words, no matter your emotional pain or your situation, you should keep a positive mindset.

We’ve all heard it a thousand times:

  • It’s not that bad
  • Just be happy
  • It could be worse
  • Stay positive

While most of of the time, people are trying to make you feel better, it’s clear that it leaves no place for anything else that “positive vibes”. But, as human, we experience a whole range of emotions. In fact, it’s possible that you frequently experience “negative” or “bad” when struggling with mental health. So why is toxic positivity that bad?

The danger of toxic positivity

No matter how hard we try not to. No matter our lives and experiences, we will experience strong negative feelings. With toxic positivity, we remove the possibility to fully experience and process these feelings. As a result, we feel ashamed for not feeling good, suppress real emotions, and slowly isolate ourselves. Because who want to hear how bad you feel, how unproductive you are or anything in between?

Our Toxic Positivity sweatshirt shows that toxic positivity is real. It’s our way to tell you that it’s OK to not be OK. You have a full spectrum of emotions to feel, and it’s normal to experience it from one side to another.

Sweatshirt Characteristics:

With a soft and smooth touch on the inside, our sweatshirt will keep you warm. It has a thicker feel on the outside to keep the cold away. Its large cut makes it comfortable to wear outisde, at home, or at a family dinner with your relatives telling you how much worse your life could be.

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