La Vie en Noir – Embroidery Sweatshirt


La vie en noir is a dark twist to the famous Edit Piaf song La vie en Rose. While life can be beautiful, it also comes with some darker times. At Not Unworthy, we believe that those difficult times are as valid as the easier ones. They are part of the journey that is life and contribute to who we are.

This is one of those great moments, when you realize that the La Vie en Noir sweeatshirt comes with FREE shipping. Now, you only have to learn French.

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What’s La Vie en Noir?

Our La Vie en Noir sweatshirt shows that sometimes life can get darker.

“La Vie en Noir” is french for “Life in Black”. It’s a twist to the extremely popular french song “La Vie en Rose”, which means “Life in Pink”. While it’s true that life can sometimes be wonderful, there are also difficult moments. When struggling with mental health, life can become extremely dark. At Not Unworthy, we believe that even when you’re seing life in black, you are still valid. That your voice still matter. In fact, we believe that it matters more than ever.

Why this sweatshirt?

Our La Vie en Noir sweatshirt is a powerful way to advocate for yourself. It doesn’t necessarely mean that you see life in black, but rather that you accept harder moments as part of life. And we’re sure you know that life can be very dark. Especially when struggling with mental health.

We think that you are still valid, even during those moments. That you deserve to share your story, and open up without filter, and without the fear of being judged. Because no matter what you’re going through, your voice matters and deserve to be heard. This sweatshirt is our way to tell you that no, you are not alone. And it’s totally okay.

Sweatshirt Characteristics:

This sweatshirt has an extremely soft touch on the inside. Which makes it comfortable to wear at anytime. The letters are embroidered to give a refined touch. Well, I guess we had too. It’s what French would do.

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