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No skin. No muscles. Pouring out coffee, the only thing left that usually gives you the energy to go on with your day. This “I Feel Empty” t-shirt represents what emptiness feels like. Nothing. Just nothing. The numbness of emotions and the void inside of you, even the stuff that used to motivate you isn’t working anymore.

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What does it mean to feel empty?

Feeling empty is a weird and unpleasant feeling. It’s a void inside your chest and stomach that keeps reminding you that something is missing in your life. When you feel empty, you are numb and can’t process emotions. You can’t be happy. You can’t be sad. Your body doesn’t move, and it feels like it’s never gonna go away.

As strange as it sounds, feeling empty is an actual feeling, and many people are experiencing it. You are not alone. While it can last a few days, or sometimes years, acknowledging it is a solid first step.

Why the “I Feel Empty” tee?

Our “I Feel Empty” t-shirt helps you reach this first step. With this t-shirt, you believe that it’s okay to feel empty, while opening the door to others. This is a way to reach out and spread awareness about a stigmatized, yet common feeling. You tell people that there’s a void inside you, and that’s okay. You tell them that they can feel empty too, and that you accept them anyway.

Everybody can relate to feeling empty, but for those of us who accept it, it’s the beginning of a long but rewarding journey, and a bright light, even a helping hand for the others who have yet to accept it.

Will I ever fill the emptiness?

Putting yourself out there is an amazing first step, but what do you do next? You need to figure out what’s causing this feeling. There are thousands of possible reasons, and it does feel overwhelming. If finding the reason by yourself is too hard, use your support system. Therapy is as valid as friends, family, or coworkers. It can be scary to move forward, it can even seem impossible. When it happens, sit in your safe space, hug your favorite t-shirt, and repeat over and over: I am Not Unworthy.

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1 review for I Feel Empty – Black T-shirt

    September 30, 2020
    The best quality T-shirt. So comfortable and fits great. Absolutely love.
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