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Bright colors. Tasty look. Pill sprinkles. We all dream of a sweeter life when struggling with mental illness. This dream could become a reality with an adapted medical treatment. But taking meds can be scary and even stigmatized. Our “Medicone” t-shirt is a colorful reminder that it’s okay to take medications. It’s a reminder that with proper treatment, you could find a way to an easier life. A life in which ice-cream gives you the same excitement as when you were a kid.

We know that you already have so much on your mind. That’s why our “Medicone” t-shirt comes with FREE shipping. That’s one less thing to worry about.



Why the “Medicone” t-shirt?

Our “Medicone” t-shirt comes from a simple wish, that taking meds was as easy as eating ice-cream. Seeking treatment is the beginning of what could be a long process. You, with the help of your doctor, might have to try a lot of different medications before finding “the ones”. It sucks, but you can’t just eat an ice cream and be fine. This t-shirt is our way to tell you that we understand how hard it is. That a lot of anxiety and stigma still exist behind what seems to be a simple thing to do.

It takes a lot of strength to accept the fact that you need treatment. But at Not Unworthy, we believe in you, support you, and give you the voice you deserve. Medications could be the help you need to get control back over your life. And there’s absolutely no shame in that.

In the meantime, breathe, go buy your favorite flavor of ice-cream, take your time and keep telling yourself: I am Not Unworthy.

What should I do?

Meds can play a significant role in treating mental illness. But finding the right treatment for you is a unique process and depends on your personal situation. That’s why it is extremely important to ask for your doctor’s advice, and remain under a mental health professional’s care.

One last thing

There are a lot of challenges to overcome when seeking help, especially when it comes to medications. That’s why we give you a voice, no matter how dark things seem to be. We believe that you deserve to feel okay, and there’s absolutely no shame in taking meds to achieve it.

By shopping alternative clothing at Not Unworthy, you empower yourself and define your own rules. It’s your way to challenge mentalities and spread mental health awareness. It’s your way to remind yourself that you are Not Unworthy.

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