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Anxiety grows like weeds. It blooms into something unpleasant, like a ball in your stomach that’s never going away. Your exterior world waters your anxiety, and keeps it growing until you are completely overwhelmed. It keeps you awake at night, with your eyes wide open, fixating on the ceiling. The “My Anxiety Keeps Me Awake” t-shirt relates that story, so you can share it with the world, and maybe find some friends that will help you cut the weeds around your flowers.

Because you already have so much to deal with everyday, our “My Anxiety Keeps Me Awake” t-shirt comes with FREE shipping. That’s one less thing to worry about.



What is anxiety?

Anxiety is a feeling of fear or worry that makes you very uncomfortable. While it’s a totally normal feeling, severe anxiety can be really damaging, and hard to control. It becomes a constant, making it hard to live a “normal” life. You stay awake at night, your head becomes light, and your stomach burns. One worry leads to another, and another, which leads to another. It becomes overwhelming and you lose control.

Why the “My Anxiety Keeps Me Awake” t-shirt?

Our “My Anxiety Keeps Me Awake” t-shirt tells your story. It shows that you accept who you are, even if you struggle with your mental health. It’s our way to give you a voice, to tell your story to the world, and say: “it’s okay if you struggle with anxiety. We hear you and support you”. It also a way to opens the discussion and find other people with the same struggles.

What to do if I have anxiety?

Everybody feels anxious in their life, whether it’s about work, relationships, school, or finances. While most people can cope with this stress, it can rapidly become a downward spiral for the rest of us.

Fortunately, there are many coping strategies that you can use. You can learn what triggers your anxiety, take a time-out, or adjust your diet with less alcohol and caffeine. But sometimes, even your coping mechanisms don’t work. This is when your support system comes into play. Talk to a friend, your family, or seek help from a professional. There’s no shame in reaching out for help, whether it’s your close circle or a mental health professional.

When anxiety strikes again, go back to your safe space, hold your favorite pillow, and repeat again and again: I am Not Unworthy.

Resources about anxiety:
There are many resources available when it comes to anxiety. Here you can find valuable resources to help you with your daily struggle.

Anxiety Canada: Learn more about anxiety and your options
Anxiety and Depression Association of America: Understand the facts and find help

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