My Anxiety Keeps Me Awake – Sweatshirt


Anxiety is always there. It’s either creeping in the back of your head, or blooming in your entire body. Even worse, it keeps you away at night, making up scenarios. Our Anxiety sweatshirt relates your struggle with anxiety. So, you have a way to share it with the world, and don’t have to carry the weight by yourself.

The world is already very stressful, that’s why our Anxiety sweatshirt comes with FREE shipping. So you don’t have to worry about it.

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The Anxiety sweatshirt story

There’s an eeire feeling when you’re anxious at night. You stare at the shadows, reconsidering all your life choices. It keeps growing until your heart is ready to jump out of your chest. That’s what our Anxiety sweatshirt represents. Your eyes are wide open. And anxiety blooming everywhere, keeping you awake for way too long.

Why the Anxiety sweatshirt?

Our Anxiety sweatshirt tells your story. It’s a statement. That you advocate for yourself, even if you are struggling with your mental health. Because you believe that it doesn’t define you, and you should not carry the weight by yourself. At Not Unworthy, we know how much anxiety can be crippling. How it can bring you to very dark and stressful places. We understand how scenarios can rapidly build up until you feel completely overwhelmed.

This sweatshirt is our way to support you. To make you feel like you are not alone. That even if you are struggling, we hear you, and give credit to your voice. We truly believe that no matter what, your story deserve to be heard, even if it’s a difficult one.

What to do if I have anxiety?

While sometimes it can be nearly impossible to calm down, there are quick tricks that can help to focus your mind on something else. Whether you decide to talk to your best friend, go out for a walk, or focus on your breathing, learn what triggers your anxiety and develop your own coping mechanism. Besides, there’s no shame in reaching out for help.

Sweatshirt Characteristics:

With an extremely soft touch on the inside, it’s a perfect sweatshirt for when you feel anxious. Its large cut makes it comfortable, even if you decide to not put your arms in the sleeves, and use it as safe space. Ideal for chill and cold days, whether you decide to home, or relieve some pressure with your friends.

Anxiety Links:
You can find many resources online about anxiety. We’ve link below some valuable resource that can help you:

Anxiety Canada: Learn more about anxiety and your options
Anxiety and Depression Association of America: Understand the facts and find help


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